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The NANNA collection started life as a series of mixed tapes back in the late 90s

NANNA is a special collection of songs which grew out of a shared love for all music. The original mixed tapes were designed to rediscover lost gems and celebrate how music connects us with places, people, past memories and also provide comfort in times of need.

Moving into the 2000s, NANNA became digital and was released onto CD, growing into new areas of music including pop, dance and R&B, but has always stayed true to its 'easy listening' core. 
Favourite Artists
  1. Barbra Streisand
    Perfect Voices
  2. Frank Sinatra
    Old Time Crooners
  3. Tina Arena
    Aussie Legends
  4. Michael Bublé
    Modern Classics
  5. Diana Ross
    The Divas
  6. Donna Summer
    Disco Queens

Hosted by Paul Samuel

The NANNA collection has been a labor of love for over 18 years and I'm excited I can share this special selection of songs with you online. Be ready for a musical journey across the decades.

I am interested in many genres from the 30s & 40s through to today, from Soft Rock to Broadway & Disco. There is nothing more exciting to me, than hearing a song and thinking "Wow, I haven't heard this song for years. I love this song!".
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